"[The principals of NorthView] were instrumental in marketing, managing, and ultimately closing our transaction at the highest price available to us for our business. More importantly, they did so with full transparency and constant communication, and we never once felt that [NorthView] was leading us astray or didn't have our best interests in mind.

Their expertise in running a formal process on our behalf, negotiating the nuances of a transaction, and overall hands-on, professional approach were invaluable to our success."

Kevin Kester

Former Owner, Atlanta Electrical Distributors, LLC

"Our company engaged NorthView to assist us in raising our first round of outside capital to help facilitate the growth of our company. Having never run a formal process before, we were unsure of what to anticipate. The team at NorthView helped control our anxiety, establish realistic expectations and goals, educated and guided us throughout the process, garnered more interest in our business that we ever though was going to be possible given the difficult market conditions historically, and truly assisted us with the negotiating and subsequent closing of what we believe was the best deal for our company. We never once felt that [they] didn't have our best interests in mind when both negotiating with perspective investors on our behalf or advising us as to the best course of action we should take during the process.

[They] truly do care and are very honorable and qualified professionals who we are happy to recommend to anyone looking to raise capital. There's never a better recommendation than repeat business, and in fact, we re-engaged with them to assist us with other financial initiatives and they were equally impressive and helpful. As our company continues to grow and potentially need additional outside funding, we won't hesitate to work with NorthView in those endeavors."

Brandon Dewan                                    Jared Light

President & CEO, Eagle Pipe LLC.            COO, Eagle Pipe LLC

"Our company engaged [NorthView's] professional services to assist us in raising capital to develop our assets. Despite deteriorating market conditions, [they] helped us successfully secure a partner. The unexpected benefit in working with [NorthView] was their ability to help negotiate the more contentious provisions of the purchase-and-sale agreement.


[Their} involvement as an intermediary allowed the parties to navigate the challenging process and emerge with a better relationship at its conclusion."

Tori Campbell

President, Cholla Pawnee Partners LLC

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